Not at home? Not a problem. With the All New Amazon Key! Exclusive to Prime Members!

Amazon is launching a new program called Amazon Key. It is exclusive to Prime Members and will allow your packages to be delivered  directly inside your door! Not only that, it will allow you to grant access to guests and professional service providers. No more keys under the mat or sitting at home waiting for providers to show up. So, how does it work?

First, Amazon will authorize the in-home delivery and turn on the cloud cam and unlock your door. Second, you will get a confirmation that your package was delivered. Third, you can then watch the delivery live or view a video clip of it after. If you choose to use this service you will need an Amazon Key In-Home Kit. This kit features a cloud cam and compatible smart lock. You can install them yourself or have a professional install them.

How much does it cost? The Amazon Key In-Home Kit costs $249.99. Which may seem pricey, but smart locks on their own can cost as much as $200. So the camera and the smart lock combined at that price is actually pretty fair. Once you purchase the kit, you can download the Amazon Key App and have complete control over your system. This is exclusive to Amazon Prime members and is currently available in select cities. Check and see if your city is participating here. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime here. 

I need to know what you all think about this? Do you love it? Does it make you nervous? Are you going to sign up? I have mixed feelings. With all the packages that keep getting stolen off people’s doorsteps and the holidays coming up, I kind of love it. However, giving strangers access to my home when I’m not there kind of makes me nervous. I like that you can watch the deliveries and that the drivers know they are on camera. That helps ease my nerves a little bit. But I’m still not sure what I think. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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