On our way to New Orleans

We are out of our minds! Today we are on our way to Louisiana with two kids in tow! We will be there for a whole week of visiting the place where we lived for many years. We have been wanting to travel back since we left in 2003. But it isn’t until now that we are able do it for cheap.

My husband is going there for a conference he has to attend and we are flying two days earlier to have some chance to visit friends. We had to pay for two tickets. My husband’s is paid for his job and we have an infant in arms. Hotel expenses are paid in part by his job and reward nights I earned when I had a traveling job. Car rental of two days and food for the kids and I will be paid by us.

Because I need a “project” while I am traveling, I thought it would be fun to track our expenses while we are in New Orleans. Since we will be taking our new laptop I am hoping I can give you a day by day update of our trip and expenses. These are my good intentions in any case, we will see what happens as the week unfolds.

Come back to visit to see how we are doing.