Online casino bonus guide

Casino games have gained a lot of popularity due to the exciting packages of games and the amazing features of gifts and bonuses. The gamble lovers like to play gambling games because they enjoy the unique features of the casino games and also there are few features of the casino games which help the players to increase their bank balance. Casino is the game of gambling and it’s liked and enjoyed by all age group people. The casino games not only provide exciting gaming features and attractive prizes and gifts instead it is also helpful to increase ones bank roll with a beautiful and unique option of bonuses.

There are various kinds of bonuses which differ with the type of games and the type of gaming site one has chosen. As already said casino games are the games of gambling where one may get a great opportunity to win handsome amount while it may also result to some negative consequences if the luck does not favor the player. Hence this is a platform of making money or losing money where all depends on the tactics and gaming spirit of the player. The best option to gather good amount of winnings is through “bonuses” which help the player to increase his bank roll in an easy manner. The best way is to play the game which has numerous options and choices of bonuses and to know more about bonus and its types the following guide has been provided here with full details that will give the player a clear idea about what bonus actually is and what are it variations.

What is casino bonus and how bonus works:

The online casino games provide a special feature which is termed as “casino bonus”. This is an exciting feature which helps the player to get more money as a form of incentives by playing different bonus rounds. There are various categories of bonus which helps the player to add on winnings with good amount of money. The most exciting feature of casino bonus is that it will never ask the player for his credit or debit card information this would be required only at the time of final deposit.

A player can start the gamble by just using a small amount but with the help of bonus schemes the small amount invested will give a large turn over and profit. If the player needs to take complete advantage of this exciting feature of casino gaming then the player needs to know on detail what are the types of bonus and in which way these bonuses can be profitable for them.

Best way to understand the bonus and get its full advantage:

First go through al the listed bonuses and then check out for the best one.
Check bonus percentage and related best amount.
Go through the terms and conditions of the bonuses in details.
Before using the bonus it is advised to play with personal amount.
Give a detailed study to all bonus types and chose the best option out of all.
Never get excited at one go. Keep calm and make the right decision.
Go through the casino bonus guide properly and then get into actual game play.

Online casino bonus guide:

As mentioned above, this is the most attractive feature of online casinos which the player can use in fruitful manner in order to increase his bets without getting into any personal deposits and not only this the bonus helps the player to extend his playtime and enjoy the gambling game for a longer duration. Here the information of all bonus categories has been explained in brief to give the player a clear idea about how to use the bonus schemes provided by the casino games. For this they need to know the types of casino bonus and how they are used in a game play. You can also click here to check casino bonuses.

Usually the casino bonus is classified into two main slots that are:

Deposit casino bonuses:
No deposit casino bonuses:

Deposit casino bonuses:

Deposit casino bonus is the basic or traditional type of bonus that is available on almost all online casino games. The simple approach that the deposit casino offers is that it adds to a percentage that matches the deposit amount that the player has deposited to his gaming balance. The player needs to fulfill certain wagering requirements before withdrawing the winnings finally from his gaming balance.

Categories of Deposit Bonuses:

When the player add or deposits certain amount before getting into the actual play then it is considered as a deposit bonus scheme where the amount needs to match certain wagering requirements. Given below are the categories of deposit bonus that will make its concept clear to the player:

Cashable Bonus:

This is the deposit bonus which matches the percentage with the requirements related to the deposit and bonus amount. The term cashable it self specifies that the player has the right to withdraw his bonus but only after the completion of the wagering requirements.

Non-Cashable Sticky Bonus:

This is also similar to cashable bonus only in terms of matching the percentage with the deposit and bonus amount. The term non cashable clearly signifies that the player will not be allowed to withdraw the bonus amount and that amount would be deducted form the gaming balance after the player completes the wagering requirements.

Package Bonus:

This is also similar to above mentioned types as it also matches with requirements connected with the deposit and bonus amount. It is termed as packages because it is a combination of multiple match bonuses that are available with free play, free spins and free cash bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus:

This is considered as the best deposit bonus types and best opportunity for the visitors. The exclusive bonuses help to negotiate directly with online casinos to provide best exclusive bonuses for the players and the visitors.

Cash back Bonus:

If the player has made some deposit then the cash back bonus returns the real cash amount back to the player. There are few bets which are placed with or without wagering requirements. The cash back bonus is considered as a part of loyalty program by few casinos.

VIP Bonus:

This is a special treatment given to the high rollers that means those with a good betting amount. There is a huge variation in these high rollers where the bonus not only consists of money instead it also includes exclusive exciting free gift hampers and many more.

No deposit bonus:

As the name clearly defines, the no deposit bonus has no relation with adding any deposits for getting particular type of bonus instead no deposit bonus provides free bonus schemes without any wagering requirements though there may be certain casinos which may have certain wagering requirements but its very rare in case of no deposit casinos. These bonuses are in form of free spin bonus, free cash bonus and many more mentioned below.

After going through the deposit bonus, here are the details of non deposit bonuses and its types:

Free Spins Bonus:

The game becomes more exciting when the player gets more and more free spins because this helps then to increase their chances of winning and also to increase their bank balance. There are many casinos where free spin bonuses come along with some wagering requirements while there are few casinos which do not have any wagering requirements in case of free spin bonuses.

Wagering Bonus:

This kind of bonus is found in very rare cases and is given where the percentage of match bonus or amount of cash always comes along with some play through requirements.

First deposit bonus

The first deposit bonus is a non deposit bonus where the player gets a bonus point for the deposit that the player makes firstly. Different casino have set certain wagering requirements which vary form casino to casino and the first bonus amounts also vary according to the requirements.

Registration bonus

There are many casinos which provide registration bonus which is non deposit bonus where the player will get certain bonus after the verification of his details and after the logging details are filled properly. The bonus amount is deposited unto the account of the player within the first 5 days from registration. In order to get the registration bonus the player has to visit the site login and check the account page where there is an option of bonus history. Here the player needs to click on claim button to get the bonus amount.

Welcome bonus:

There are certain casino sites that provide the exciting feature of welcome bonus. When a new player gets registered or is new to that particular casino site then he will get an option of welcome bonus where he can get good bonus amount into his account. Sometimes the casino sites provide this bonus scheme even if the player does not play the game as the welcome bonus is given for the visitors who visits the site first time or those who are new users. This bonus is offered ones the player signs up successfully after completing all the authentication formalities.


This guide has clearly given the details about the most widely used bonuses and there usages therefore the player can get a clean idea about the casino bonus and using them in a positive manner with a proper understanding of how these bonuses work and how they can be used to increase the bank balance more wisely. So play the game with fun and enjoy the exciting feature of casino bonuses.