Online Paid Surveys: Get Answers to Common Questions

online paid surveys

Let’s face it – we could all use a little extra cash, especially with the holidays coming up. I’m sure you’ve heard of how to make money online with paid surveys. If you don’t already do it, you’re probably wondering how it works or how to get started.

In this post, I’ll try to clear up some of the mystery about online paid surveys by answering a few common questions you may have…

Can I really make money online with paid surveys?

Absolutely! millions of people every day make extra cash doing online paid surveys, reading emails, and testing products and websites. Of course, you probably won’t get rich doing it, but you it is legitimate.

How much money can I make for each survey?

That depends. Most online paid surveys only pay a small amount of money, such as $1, for very short surveys, but much more lucrative surveys and offers are certainly not unheard of!

The amount of money that you make doing online paid surveys will typically depend on a number of factors, such as how much time you dedicate to it and how many paid online survey sites you’re signed up with. The more time you spend taking surveys and the more websites you’re signed up with, the more money you could make.

Why would anyone pay me for taking a survey?

It all boils down to money. Large companies pay market research firms big bucks to help them get inside consumers’ heads and get their opinions on particular products. They might want to find out if you would enjoy a new flavor of potato chip, for instance, or how you like to shop. By getting this information from you, they can tailor their products and services to make them more appealing to the vast majority of consumers. In exchange for this information, the research companies are willing to share some of this money with you – the consumer.

Can I only get paid for taking online surveys?

Nope! Most sites that offer paid online surveys also offer members a number of other ways to make a little extra cash, like  watching videos, reading emails, shopping, and even playing games! The best part is it’s almost all stuff you would do anyway.

How do I get paid?

That varies from company to company. Some companies pay with paper checks, direct deposit, or PayPal transfers, while others pay in gift cards.

Won’t I get a bunch of spam if I sign up for online paid surveys?

Not necessarily. Although there are a few unethical companies out there that are just fishing for your email address, most companies are legit. If the idea of hundreds of emails getting crammed into your inbox each week scares you, do what I do. Set up a special email dedicated only to paid online surveys. Of course, make sure you check it every day so you don’t miss any great opportunities.

How do I get started making money with paid online surveys?

Well, you just need to sign up to some paid survey websites. The sign up process is usually pretty quick, and only requires some basic information, such as your name, email, gender, age, interests, and household information. The information that you provide makes up your profile. When a survey or offer becomes available that fits your profile, you will then usually be sent a link to the profile. Many survey sites also allow you to log onto a dashboard and choose which surveys you want to take.

Which paid online survey sites are the best?

That is a matter of personal choice. Some people may love one survey site, while others may hate it. The best way to decide which ones are best for you is to sign up for several and try them out for a few weeks. You can continue working with the ones you enjoy, and drop the ones you don’t. To get you started, here’s a nice little list of sites that offer online paid surveys and other paid offers:

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