Online Survey Company Review: Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Online Survey Company review comes to you courtesy of fellow Blogger Karen. Karen is a fellow deal blogger that shares her deals and money saving tips on her blog “Koupon Karen.”

1. How does this online survey company work?

When you take surveys with Opinion Outpost, you earn points which you can then turn into cash or amazon gift cards. 10 points = $1.00. Most surveys are worth about 20 – 40 points and some more. They will ask you questions before each survey to better match you with future surveys.

2. What do you like about how this online company works?

Opinion Outpost is one of my favorite survey sites. You can check your account to see if you have any available surveys and it tells you right there how much it’s worth and how long it should take. They also will send you an email letting you know there are surveys available. There site is very easy to use and easy to find what your looking for. I receive about 5-10 surveys a week, I don’t always qualify for them, but I do for a lot!

3. What don’t you like about how this company works?

There isn’t much I don’t like about them except I wish you received a small amount even when you don’t qualify, even if it was just 1 point. It adds up after a while and would make it worth my time.

4. Please share your results with this company: How much $$ you have earned, in how much time and how much effort you have put into it?

In a matter of a month, I easily earn $25 dollars or more, when I put the time into it. It varies for me if I have the time to take the surveys.

5. Finally: Would you recommend this online company to a friend yes or no and why?

I would totally recommend Opinion Outpost to anyone. They have a nice variety of surveys, I receive a lot of survey invites each week and they are really good about asking questions to match you the best that they can. And they pay you!!! I’ve even contacted customer service in the past and they were really helpful.

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your experience with my readers. Make sure to stop by and check out Karen’s blog Koupon Karen. If you have been using Opinion Outpost for a while as well, please share your experience in the comments and help the rest of the readers who have not given Opinion Outpost a try decide whether it is for them or not.