Online Survey Company Review: Toluna

A few days ago I asked some of you to help me provide a review of the many online survey companies. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing about the different legitimate earn money from home opportunities with you. You will be able to read experiences from other readers like you that have been using these companies to make money from home.

The first one in these series of reviews, is a review of Toluna. It is free to join Toluna and reader Ellen shares her experience using Toluna to make money from home:

  • How does this online survey company work?

Toluna is a little different than other online survey companies because it also serves as a community forum to share opinions, questions, and viewpoints.  Members receive points for the initial sign-up, but also for answering sponsored polls (usually 15 points each), Quick Surveys (around 120-150 points each), Interest Profile Surveys (600 each), and email surveys (500 or more points each).  Points can also be received by writing opinions for the forum, inviting friends to join, and by the popularity of your comments in the forum.

  • What do you like about how this online company works?

I first got involved with Toluna when I signed up for 2Cents Surveys, but was frustrated because I never seemed to qualify for the surveys to earn points!   But then when 2 Cents became Toluna (and Greenfield merged as well), changes were made that seemed to improve the company.  I now qualify for some of the surveys, and I do like the Quick polls/sponsored polls.  They earn only a few points, but every time I sign in there are new polls… and there are also new comments on the community forum.  Although I don’t always contribute to the conversations, it is sometimes interesting to read the comments on everything from politics to music, health to family issues, and everything in between.

  • What don’t you like about how this company works?

There has been a bunch of changes over the last few months, and one includes raising the amount of points needed to redeem…  On December 8th, I was able to redeem 45,000 points for a VIP Gift Pass voucher, but now you cannot redeem until you have 75,000 points!  You can also redeem as a check or Paypal payment once you have 60,000 points.  Even though some of their surveys are worth 900 points, it still seems to take forever to get to these levels.

  • Please share your results with this company:  How much $$ you have earned, in how much time and how much effort you have put into it.

I have been involved with Toluna (and 2 Cents) for about a year, and have accumulated 109, 219 points during that time.  I find surveys in my email at least every 1-2 days (many days have several), and always try to answer the surveys but don’t qualify for everyone. The surveys are often 15 – 30 minutes in length.  If I spent more time on the community forum, then my time would go up, obviously. Of these accumulated points, I redeemed 90,000 for 2 $15 VIP Gift Passes, which I was able to quickly and easily convert into 3 $10 gift cards for Christmas gifts.   I was pleased at how fast the gift cards arrived by mail.

  • Finally:  Would you recommend this online company to a friend yes or no and why.

If you would like a survey/website with an online forum to share opinions, you would probably enjoy Toluna.  Besides the email surveys, there are always new topics (and the ability to create new ones yourself), and you can get rewarded for that interaction.  But if you are one that wants quick rewards, then Toluna will not be the right company for you…with the changes in place, it takes a lond time to accumulate points for rewards. As for myself, I prefer other survey companies over Toluna because I feel that I qualify for more surveys with other companies (and have more of a chance to accumulate rewards), but I will probably stay with Toluna as well due to the forum aspect.  I like how it is one place where people can truly create content and be heard.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your experience with my readers. If you have been using Toluna for a while as well, please share your experience in the comments and help the rest of the readers who have not given Toluna a try decide whether Toluna is for them or not.

Note: I am looking for a reader to review Inbox Dollars. if you have been using Inbox Dollars and would like to share your experience please contact me.