Oops I did it again!

I am feeling very Britney Spears-like, sans the craziness and more like the Britney from 6 years ago or so.

I bought more diapers this weekend!! OK, training pants for my oldest. I couldn’t help myself! CVS made me do it! I spent this weekend shopping at CVS, besides being with the inlaws, or perhaps because of that? It was a great shopping weekend. I was able to find the blood monitor so that was a free 14.99 in ECBs (I will be freecycling the monitor). I can see how easy it is to get addicted to it. All in all, because I was a new member I had a $4/$20 coupon that made for great deals. I was able to grow my ECBs but then I made the decision to use most of them in the things we need. I did keep some 11 in my husband’s card and 5 in mine. So that I can do deals next time we are in Chicago. But besides what you see in the picture I got milk, Benefiber, M&Ms and cold medicine my husband needed. But keeping to my spending resolution I did not spend more than $0.50 out of pocket on the diaper transactions. Good thing I don’t have a CVS around me because the accountant in me would have a field day in there. It seems math is a good skill to have when shopping that store.

So, now I have a question for CVS users. Do you consider ECBs like coupons? for example when I do Walgreens deals I consider register rewards as a coupon, because that’s what it is: a coupon for money off your next order. So I would think ECBs are considered the same way. The reason I ask is because I need to add my savings for this weekend to my running total and I have noticed that some people who are doing the same count ECBs in a separate category. What do you guys think? Can I consider them as a coupon? After all ECBs that print are for money of my next order, or not?