Organizing and Clipping Multiple Coupon Inserts

When I first started getting multiple coupon inserts I was overwhelmed by the task of having to cut all of those coupons. That was until I found out about this method. I want to share in hope I help someone else.
In this example I am clipping coupons from five All You Magazines from August.

First, open all the magazines on the same page:

Rip all the pages containing the same coupon and collate them:

Staple the coupons together, do this as away from the barcode as you can. Then all you need to do is clip the coupons. All of your coupons will be kept together by the staple. When you need to use a coupon just take it from this stapled group.

I usually cut all of the coupons from All You magazine. That’s because I don’t want to keep all of these magazines around, so I just go ahead and clip them all. Chances are I will trade most of the ones I don’t use and what I don’t trade I send away as extras in trading envelopes.

That’s not the case for insert coupons though. I use the same strategy for turning my multiple inserts into one:

I open the inserts into the same page and start putting together the pages. I staple the coupons in the pages together Then I clip those coupons I am most likely to use or know that I will be trading right away.

Then I reassemble the inserts together. I label them with the date on the front. I keep the inserts inside a clear plastic sheet protector and in a big binder.

That way when I hear about a deal that needs X coupon from X insert date, I just refer to this binder and search for the insert by date. This is the system that works for me. It is just not appealing to me to clip every coupon. I am a true cherry picker when it comes to deals. Sure, I may miss on some clearance deals because I may not be carrying that coupon. But because I only clip those coupons that I know I will use, if I find something that is on clearance and I don’t have a coupon with me then I probably don’t need it to begin with.

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