OXO Produce Keepers & RubberMaid FreshWorks Both On Sale!

Head over to Macy’s to shop the OXO Produce Keepers starting at just $12.99 and ranging up to $19.99 when you use promo code SAVE at checkout.(regularly $21.99-$33.99) You can also head over to Walmart to shop the Rubbermaid FreshWorks 3-piece set for just $21.98! (Regularly $26.98) About a month ago, a gal I follow on Instagram compared these two products. She put fresh spinach in the large containers and berries in the small ones. She pulled them out weekly, for three weeks, to compare how well they kept her produce fresh. It was awesome!

Each product did a fairly good job at keeping spinach and berries fresh for up to 3 weeks! After three weeks time the spinach still looked great. The berries looked good, but you could tell they probably needed to be eaten in the next couple of days. But still, 3 weeks!

I love the OXO brand. I have a bunch of their canisters. And to be honest I prefer the shape of the OXO to the Rubbermaid. But you can’t really beat the price of the Rubbermaid 3-pack. So I just snagged a Rubbermaid Freshworks 3-pack for myself and can’t wait to see how it works for me.  Let us know if the comments if you have tried these products yourself, or which ones you are going to grab!

*** Be sure to add a beauty product or select free in-store pickup if you purchase the OXO containers from Macy’s to avoid shipping fees. You can also select free in-store pickup to avoid shipping fees from Walmart.