Pennzoil Motor Oil Rebate: Up to $15 Back


Pennzoil is offering up to $15 back via rebate when you buy any five quarts of oil or have a full service Pennzoil oil change.  Here are the details of this rebate: to get up to $15 back by mail, buy five quarts of any Pennzoil motor oil or get your oil changed at any Pennzoil oil change location and get one of the following:

  • $15 rebate back when you buy or use Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil
  • $10 rebate back when you buy or use Pennzoil SUV, Truck or Minivan or Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle motor oil
  • $5 rebate back when you buy or use Pennzoil conventional motor oil

Your purchase must be between 8/11 and 11/30/09.  Check out all of the details by reading the rebate form.

This find made my night last night because this past weekend I learned that there’s another rebate on Pennzoil Synthetic oil offered by Pennzoil when you buy the 5-Quart Jug at Walmart.  Certain jugs have a hang tag with the rebate form and you get a $15 Walmart Gift Card back by mail.  Since my husband does the oil changes on our cars and he uses this type of oil, both of us are always on the look out for a good deal on motor oil.  So, we hit both of our Walmarts without any luck finding the hang tags for the rebate.  But now with this rebate we don’t need to get lucky and just need to buy the 5-Quart jug at Walmart for $20 and use this rebate to get $15 back!  But even if you do not do your own oil changes you can save money with this printable rebate by just using Pennzoil Motor Oil when you get an oil change.

Happy Savings!

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