Personalized Trick or Treat Buckets Only $13.99! (Reg. $25)

These are adorable!! I love that you can re-use them every Halloween! Head over to Jane and get one of these Personalized Trick or Treat Buckets for Only $13.99! (Reg. $25). On our burlap design, the name will be stitched on the burlap part of the bucket. On our stripe top and polka dot top designs, the name will be on the stripe or polka dot part of the bucket. Please keep this in mind when choosing thread colors. We use our 1″ size font for names on these buckets. Please note that shorter names will appear smaller, and longer names will appear larger. We may enlarge or reduce names to fit as needed, but please note that a name with 3 letters will not be enlarged to fill the same space that an 8 letter name will fill. We appreciate your understanding.