Personalized Vinyl Label Pack from Tinyme PLUS FREE SHIPPING for $18 ($46 value)

I have not seen very many deals on vinyl labels this Back to School sale season.  But here is one currently available on Plum District.  Get a Personalized Label Pack from Tinyme PLUS FREE SHIPPING for $18 ($46 value).  Each pack contains 48 standard vinyl labels, 28 round vinyl labels, and four large round vinyl labels.  It can be customized for one child.  I just checkout out the designs and they are very cute!

If you are not familiar with vinyl labels then let me tell you that they last!  You can put them through the dishwasher or washing machine and they do not come off.  Depending on how much stuff you need to label they can also last you for a long while.  I only use them to label my kids’ clothes, coats, shoes, backpack, lunch bag, towels and accessories.  The packs I ordered for my oldest two years ago still has labels to use.  So at least in our case it is not something that we need to buy every year.