PickNSave Copps Highlights 9/18 – 9/24

88 cent sale

Roundy’s fresh drumsticks or thighs .88/ lb with card

Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist 2 liters .88 with card limit 4
Use Sierra Mist B1G1 /2 Rolling Printable or B2G1 Sierra Mist, 2 Liters, Any Variety B2G1 /3 Rolling Printable

Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers vegetables .88 with card. Limit 2
Use Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables $1.00 /1 from 09-07-08 Inserts

Barilla pasta .88 with card limit 2
Use Barilla Plus Pasta 1/2 from 9/14 inserts

Hunt’s pasta sauce .88 with card limit 2
Use Hunt Canned Tomato products 0.40/2 from 9/21 inserts

Bolthouse farms baby cut carrots 1# bag .88 with card

Special promotions

Buy 6 GM cereal at regular price in a single order and get $10 off with card and a coupon for a free gallon of milk.
Use 1/1 Cheerios IP from link one and link two, there are also 1 off two insert coupons from 8/24
*Best Deal* Assuming you do this on Wednesday
Buy 6 Boxes of Cheerios (3.29 at my store possibly different at yours)
-11 Cheerios Internet printable coupons doubled (you will need more than one computer to get 6 coupons)
-10 off at check out
= 1.26 in overage and you get a catalina for a free gallon of milk

Progresso soup – Buy 8 cans at regular price in a single order and get $8 off instantly Reg Price 2.25 each
Use Progresso Soup, any flavor $0.50 /2 11-01-2008 Insert 09-07-08 GM
*Deal Idea*
$18 for eight cans of Progresso soup
-4 four 0.50/2 coupons doubled
-8 deducted at check out
=$6 for eight cans of Progresso soup

BTFE promotion (not confirmed yet, but GM cereals have BTFEs and this one and the cereal deal may be a double dip)
Buy 10 get 50 bonus BTFE
Buy 15 get 100 bonus BTFE
Buy 20 get 170 bonus BTFE
Small print says: Any and all boxtops for education products are included. For a complete list of participating products, please visit BoxTops4Education.com – Earn Cash For Your School! Products must be purchased in a single visit between 9/18/08 and 9/24/08. Look for your instant Bonus Box tops via Checkout rewards at the register.

7up, diet 7up, A&W, or Sunkist 4/12 with card -5.00 mail in rebate in store 4/$7 after MIR.

Catalina Deals

Buy one Glade Gel Warmer on sale $1.19 this week get $2 off your next order coupon
Use BOGO coupons from 9/14
Spend $1.19 and get TWO $2 Off your next order coupons

Buy one Glade Scented Oil Plug In Warmer $4.75 get $2 off your next order coupon
Use FREE item peelie found at Walgreens
Pay Tax and get one $2 off your next order coupon

Buy one Glade Flameless Clandle $7.79 get $3 off your next order coupon
Use $5 off one coupon from 9/7 inserts
Pay $7.79 plus tax and get one $3 off your next order coupon

Note: I don’t know when this catalina offers end but they worked for me as of Friday. It seems it is a promotions running at other stores as well (it worked for me at Kmart too) and I have seen reported it ends 10/5.

Special thanks to Chitownmelli and the rest of the members of the Copps/PNS forum @HCW