Please Help me Decide What to Do

For the last few months I have been stockpiling on baby diapers. If you look at the last sheet in my price book you can get the details of what I have.
This week (well, from Today until Wednesday) Target is running a sale on diapers. The price of a Jumbo Pack is $8. I have 3 Target store coupons for a total additional saving of $5.50. Then I have three manufacturer coupons for $4 off three jumbo packs. The target store coupons expire 12/27/07 and some of the manufacturer coupons expire on 11/30/07. I can stack both Target and manufacturer coupons at Target Stores.
According to my price book this is almost as low as it gets on terms of sale prices for jumbo packs. Oh! and Pamper and Huggies brand diapers (what I would buy) are going up on price early next year.
So, these are my questions:

  1. Should I buy anymore diapers? If I don’t it means I would let the coupons expire. It’s like money down the drain, y’all! Can I even consider this? I guess I could trade the coupons.
  2. If I do what sizes should I get?
  3. How many packs should I get? I could get three packs $14.5 (these could be virtually $0.00 out of pocket since I have a $15 GC to Target) or I could get 4 Packs for $21.5 (I have one more manuf coupon for $1 off I could use and to make the Target coupon savings go longer)

OK, so what do I do?