How to Prepared for a No-Spend Week or Month!

I’ve thought a lot about trying a no spend month lately especially with Christmas coming up, we could use the savings. Anyone else in this situation? Or maybe you want to save for a family vacation next year? No matter what you have in mind for some extra money, a no spending month or even week is a great cleanse for everyone. So here are some tips on how to survive a no spend month!

Eat out of your pantry and freezer. Lots of times I’ll be standing at my fridge wondering what we’re going to eat for dinner or even lunch but if I were to take just two steps to the left I’d find a whole pantry of food as well as our freezer in the garage. Try eating for what you have on hand. Get creative and eat something simple but before you start your no spend month be sure you’re stocking up on your staples.

Use what you have. Not just in your pantry but your closet, bathroom and more. I know I have a container of makeup that’s under the sink. So when my other stuff runs out I don’t need to head to the store, I can find something new and different right at home. You might also have clothes in the back of your closet you haven’t worn in a while that would be perfect to pull out. Your no spend month is also a great time to get rid of the stuff you don’t use (especially your closet).

Get create and make stuff from scratch. Out of bread? Need more laundry soap? Get your baking pans out and make some fresh homemade bread. Or find a recipe online for laundry detergent. You never know, you might have everything you need right at home.

Find free entertainment. There’s always lots of free community events going on. Or take the bikes down and go for a ride. You could even invite some friends over for game night and bake some cookies. Don’t forget that the library usually has movies you can borrow for a movie night or get a new book to read.

Tell your friends and family about what you’re doing. Some of them might even want to get on board and try it too. Either way it’s good to have support when you’re doing different things that could be difficult at times.

Be prepared. Make sure you have a plan and you’re prepared for what’s to come! Think about medicine you take, meal plan, gas in the car, errands to run, toiletries, bills to pay and anything else you can’t live without. Make sure you’re also planning the right month. Look ahead and be sure you don’t have vacationed planned, dinner out with friends or anything that would make it a bad time to do your no spend month. Don’t forget about birthdays, those can make for bad spending months!

Motivate yourself and find something you will do with the money you save or give yourself a treat! It’s tough in this day and age to not spend money. But if you go on a spending fast, you’ll feel better about your finances and realize you can do it!

Anyone already done a spending freeze before? How did things go and is there something you wish you would have known before?

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