Print Shipping Labels in Paypal

This is a guest post by reader Kelly S.

Occasionally I need a trackable shipping method when I sell something over the internet to a stranger. For example, I sometimes sell books or DVDs on but it does not provide a shipping utility to offer proof of shipment to the buyer. How do I protect myself against a buyer claiming, rightly or wrongly, that a shipment was not received?

Delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service provides what I need, but is available only for pricey services such as Priority Mail at in-person counters or on gave me delivery confirmation for a few pennies for awhile, but the site has changed to a monthly subscription plan that costs too much for my small shipping volume. PayPal charges 18 cents for delivery confirmation, but what about my transactions that don’t go through PayPal?

Now I’ve discovered PayPal MultiOrder Shipping. This utility is intended for people who periodically ship a stack of packages to various addresses. But don’t be put off: you can ship your stack of one. Delivery confirmation is included in MultiOrder shipments just as it is for a shipment of any item purchased via PayPal.

Log into PayPal and then click the MultiOrder Shipping link in the Tools menu on the left margin. A large window will open in the background. Click the Close button on the Getting Started window in the foreground. On the large background window, click the File menu and choose the Create New Orders item. The Create New Orders window will open. Expand the Ship to Address item and enter the address. Click on Save and Close to return to the background window. Use that window to specify service type, weight, and shipment date. Then print the address label, complete with delivery confirmation bar code, on plain or adhesive paper and you are done.

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