Problems Registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards

Problems Registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards

**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


*UPDATE 11/26/14* Yikes! Problems registering 1-Hour Guarantee cards is never fun! Check out our post on how to register your 1-Hour guarantee items, and comment on any problems you’re having there. We’ll try to help. Also, if you’ve already successfully registered your 1-Hour Guarantee card, come on over and help out those who are having problems!

*Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Problems – UPDATE 12/2/2013* If you’re still having problems with your Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee card, you’ll be happy to hear that the deadline has been extended until Wednesday, December 4th at 11:59 PM. In the meantime, try a different computer or browser, or use your mobile device to register. It may work. 

*Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Problems – UPDATE 11/29/2013* Some of our readers have had success purchasing their items, which are still on sale on, by using their access code as a gift card number. It’s a roundabout way of doing things, but it might work for some items…

Here are the ones I’ve found that are still on sale:

If anyone else can get this to work, please let us know!

*UPDATE 11/29/2013 7:20 PM ET* I just wanted to share what someone else left in the comments. Keep in mind that this most likely won’t work with every item or every guarantee card, but it may work with some. If the following method works for you, let us know which item you had, so others can try the same thing. Here’s what Megan had to say…

“You know how the cards they gave us count as a gift card towards the product? well I just went on there website instead, because I was tired of the issues, and found the item on the sale still. I added it to the cart and then used the scratch off area as the gift card to pay it with the pin. It worked for all 3 cards I had. HTH and good luck to all!”

Well, I don’t usually post too many non-deal related items, but I felt I should address the concerns about problems registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards. The Walmart Facbook page is currently being bombarded with complaints and concerns regarding problems registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards. A number of you have left your comments and concerns on these two previous blog posts:

How to Get a Walmart 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee Card

Walmart’s 1-hour In Stock Guarantee: What Is It?

Apparently, you’re supposed to head over to to register your Guarantee card before Sunday night.

From what I’m understanding, though, many people can’t get through to the site to register their Guarantee Cards. This is most likely due to the sheer massive number of website visitors that the website is currently getting. Thousands of people most likely rushed home to register Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards right away. Most websites simply can’t handle this influx of traffic all at once.

If you’re met with a waiting page, you have a couple of options. You can wait for the page to refresh every 30 seconds, or you can simply wait until the traffic dies down a bit. My advice would be to wait until tomorrow if you’re having problems registering a Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Card. Remember – you have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 1st to register your card.

Another problem some people have run into involves choosing different colors on the Beats By Dre headphones. According to a comment on the Walmart Facebook page, this is a known problem, and they were working on getting it fixed. If you’re having this problem, try clearing your browser cache, restarting your browser, and trying again. Don’t order, however, until you’re given a color option.

Some people also seem to be having problems with invalid or inactive Guarantee Cards. If you get this message, it could mean that your Guarantee Card was not activated properly at the register. If you’re getting this message, try contacting the store where you purchased the card. They may ask you to bring in the card as well as your original cash register receipt to correct the problem.

If these problems continue for much longer, one would think that Walmart would at least extend the registration deadline. However, I’m thinking that most of these problems will correct themselves as the traffic to the website slows down, and all of the bugs and glitches are worked out.

If you still have questions, you can read through the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee FAQ on the Walmart website. You’ll also find a phone number to the Customer Service team who should be able to assist you further.

Hopefully all of the problems registering the Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Cards clears up soon. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything more, and be sure to let us know if you were able to register your own card.

Good luck, everyone! Don’t forget to share this post if you know anyone who may be having problems registering their Guarantee Cards. Hopefully, we can all work through this and get it figured out quickly!