Products that Will Help Your Kids with Online School

Most of us are getting used to a whole new normal right now and a big part of that is school. Many of our children are dealing with learning online which is a brand new thing for us. Okay, most of us did this at the end of last school year, however things are a little more streamlined now, and it will be different than it was last year.

Let’s get into a good groove with our new normal, shall we?! If you could use a little bit of help in your preparation, here are some products that will help your kids will online school.

Products that Will Help Your Kids with Online School

Make sure your kids have a good space to work in! If you don’t have the room or the budget for a desk, a kitchen table area could work. Just make sure that it isn’t an area with a television or a bed or other space that has the potential to distract.

LED Digital Countdown Timer

Timers are key for kids to stay on track. They are able to look at it and see how much time they have left in their lesson.

Noise cancelling headphones like these can help prevent your kiddo from being distracted by the noises that go on throughout the day.

My kids have used both a laptop and a Chromebook and so far, the Chromebook seems to be coming out on top for what’s works best.

HD Webcam

So many zoom meetings and frankly, not all cameras are created equal. We have found it useful to use an external webcam for the zoom classes.

Dry Erase White Board 

Keep track of due dates, upcoming appointments, etc with a dry erase board. Post it where the whole family can see it to help with accountability.

Copy Paper

Print out worksheets, completed work, etc. You may as well keep plenty of paper on hand to make life a little less stressful when you all of the sudden need it.

Older kids can get a lot of use out of a planner like this one.  It will be handy for them to keep track of their school projects.

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