PSA: Fuel for School Rebate Returned?


I received a couple of comments and emails from readers regarding having their submission to the Fuel for School rebate returned to them. I looked into it and found an answer provided by a customer service representative from Kelloggs on Hotcouponworld. I contacted the representative from Kelloggs directly to confirm the information she shared and she verified the information to me.

If you sent your Kelloggs Fuel for School rebate postmarked by 9/30/09, and had this rebate returned to you because the P.O. Box you sent it too was closed, you need to do this:

Please send the entire returned envelope directly to Kelloggs at P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49014 and mark “FFS EXCEPTION” on the outside of the envelope. No need to call Kelloggs first.

Please make sure to make copies of everything you are sending if you haven’t already.  I hope this helps you get your $10 back from this rebate.

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