Reader’s Money Saving Tips and a Question

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to email me their money saving ideas and deals.  Here are a few that readers recently shared with me:

Nicole Says:

I signed up for for the reminder program and recieved a $2.00 coupon on my next visit. The coupon is good until 4/10 and the site stated that I should get one everytime I get a haircut reminder. I thought I would pass on this deal. It will be helpful for me to afford a haircut. They also allow you to pick how often you want reminders, from 2 weeks to 10.

Jen shares this tip for making shopping at Kohls and other retailers easier on busy days:

My husband and I have been putting off buying a couple items of clothing because we don’t like to pay full price.  Earlier this week I got an email from Kohl’s about their Super Saturday, and a coupon to complement it.  I hate shopping on Super Saturdays because, from my experience, the store is crowded and noisy and just unpleasant.  So I called the store and asked if customers are allowed to put items on hold for a day.  When the woman on the other end of the phone said “yes” I was so happy.  My husband and I just got back from Kohl’s where we picked out our items, tried them on to make sure they fit, and had them held at the service desk, where we can go pick them up and take them straight to the cash register  during the Super Saturday Sale.

Have you been to Vegas?  Or maybe to other expensive travel destinations?  Maybe you can help Melissa.  Here’s her question:

My husband and I are traveling to Las Vegas 4/1 – 4/6. We already scored a great deal when we booked our trip. Total cost for 2 people for airfare, 5 nites hotel plus 2 free tickets to a Cirque de Soleil show was $540. I’d like to know if you or anyone else out there can give us tips on things to do in Vegas for little or no money. We plan to budget our money but don’t want to be so strict we don’t enjoy ourselves. Any tips are appreciated!

I hope some of you can help.  I know I have read often that it’s a good idea to take advantage of freebies Casino’s offer like buffets and what not.  Also, check at the Hotel’s front desk  for coupon booklets and other information they may have for visitors.  I also found some other great tips here.  Any other insider tips?