Rebate Updates: Neutrogena Clinical, Listerine and World’s Best Cat Litter

I’ve updated the information on these three rebates based on my readers’ comments and experiences:

Neutrogena Clinical Free after Rebate: It appears that at first, rebates submitted for this product were only getting back what they actually paid out of pocket (amount after coupons, ECB’s, RR etc).  Obviously, this is not beneficial for couponers, since most of you would have used rewards to pay for the product.  However, it appears that the rebates submitted later ARE being processed correctly.  A couple of you have also commented saying that you haven’t received your rebate yet.  Here is the Neutrogena Customer Care number to call: 1-800-582-4048 Monday through Friday between 8 am to 8 pm (EST) to speak with an information specialist.  I’d highly recommend calling to find out the status of your rebate or if you have questions regarding your received rebate.

Listerine Whitening Rebate: Many are reporting that the limited number of $10 prepaid debit cards have been given out, so they are not fulfilling the rebates.  However, several have called the Listerine Customer Service at 1-800-223-0182 and have received high value coupons and/or checks (for smaller amounts) to compensate.  Might be worth trying.  Be sure to have the rebate information handy when you call, you can use the link to my original post for the exact wording.

Free World’s Best Cat Litter After Rebate: Several readers have commented that their rebate submission has been denied because the UPC did not identify the product purchased as the correct product for the rebate or their receipt was not itemized etc.  Here is their customer service number to call if you are having problems or want to complain about faulty rebates(!!!): 1-877-367-9225

Please let us know your experience with any of these three rebates in the comments below.  If enough people call to question and/or complain, then hopefully these companies will change their policies, be more customer friendly, and follow through with their advertisements!  Thank you to all my readers who have commented on these rebates…I appreciate you helping others out with tips and advice!  🙂