Recycle Bank: Tons of New Points Via Kashless

Almost month ago I shared with you about this program called Recycle Bank.  Receive rewards for taking “green” steps.  Just for signing up you can get 100 points that you can turn into rewards.  The rewards are really great, from high value grocery items, to gift cards and free magazine subscriptions.  Well, there’s a way that you can add quite a few more points to your account and it is by using Recycle Bank’s Partner website Kashless.

As I explained before Kashless is very much like Freecycle.  Anyone can post and search for free items.  This is how you can get extra points to use for rewards at Recycle Bank.

  • First if you have not signed up for Recycle Bank go ahead and do it.
  • After that, sign up for a Kashless Account.  If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can use those profiles to sign up for Kashless.  If not just enter your email address and name to sign up.  Kashless is not available in all cities but you will probably find one near you.
  • Once you are logged in click on “Rewards” at the top of the Kashless webpage.  Then click on Saved Searches.
  • Kashless will reward you 10 points for every search you save (20 points for the first one).  So basically anything that you may be looking for and hoping to get for free, enter as a saved search.  For example I did one for baby girl clothes and made sure to set notifications to once a week so I only get a weekly update.  It seems you can get up to 300 points this way.
  • Another way to get points is by completing your Kashless profile.  You will get 10 free points.
  • Finally, you can also earn points by inviting friends to join Kashless.  For every invitation you email a friend you get 20 points.  To do this just scroll down the main Kashless home page and you will see in the right side the area to use to enter your friend’s email address.  I couldn’t find a limit of how many invitations you could send.

You will be able to see all of the points you have accumulated under “Rewards”, just click on it at the top of the page.  Then click “redeem these points” to be able to redeem for rewards on Recycle Bank.  Please note that it will take a few days for these points to be transferred to your Recycle Bank account.  But once they do, redeem for the reward of your choice.  Personally I am going for coupons.

Thanks to Swaggrabber, Money Saving Mom and Mommy Snacks for all of this great info.

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