Redirecting an Addiction

Oh the irresistible appeal of free stuff. No wonder it’s such a great marketing tool, very few people say no to something when it’s being offered for free. Three months ago I pondered about things one can get for free.

Since then my perspective on the whole thing has changed a little. Since I have started using coupons more often now I have come across many opportunities to get things for free. Let me tell you it’s addictive. It’s such a thrill to come from a store with bags filled with things you have gotten for free. I would show the “fruits of my labor” to my husband after every trip. Inevitably, he started asking me “Really, how much shampoo does one need? Or how much make up?”

So, I started paring down the number of things I would get for free, until last week. My friend told me an organization she belongs to was having a food drive for the local Women’s shelter. This came just at the right time as I had just gotten a few boxes of cereal for free. When I went to deliver them I also got a list of things they need year round. It just so happen that a few of the things on that list are things that I have been finding for free after using coupons. So now I get to use my coupons for a good cause and stockpile on these things for the shelter.

I know what you are thinking “anyone could have thought of donating…” Yes, that’s true but sometimes the idea of donating gets lost in the shuffle of life. I feel that now that I have a “face” of the recipients of my donations it encourages me to put this together for them. So if you ever thought of donating items you have gotten for free but life has gotten in the way of finding out where you can take them, I encourage you to take 10 to 15 minutes today and google the address of a shelter near you.