How to Register Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee Cards

**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


*UPDATE 11/30/14* Get some tips and advice if you’re having problems registering your Walmart 1-hour Guarantee HERE. If you’re still having problems or you figured out how to resolve your problem, leave us a comment.

*UPDATE 11/27/14* It looks like Walmart has made the process of registering 1-Hour Guarantee items easier for customers. This year all you’ll need is the TC number located just above the barcode at the bottom of your receipt. 

If you’re having problems registering Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items, check the bottom of your for the phrase “KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR 1 HOUR GUARANTEE PICKUP”. If it does not contain this phrase, it is not a receipt with a 1-Hour Guarantee item. If your receipt does contain this phrase, take a look to the right of the TC number. There might be a final digit on the far right that you may have missed. If you’re still having problems, you can check the Walmart Help Center for more information. 


If you’re planning on snagging one of those fancy Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee cards for the first time, this post is for you! I’m hoping that it will also be helpful for anyone who had problems when they tried to register a Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee card last year.

I’ve been following the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee offer since last year, and I really do think it’s a great thing! The 1-Hour Guarantee helps shoppers get the items they want with less stress and hassle. If you remember last year, though, many people were having problems when they tried to register 1-Hour Guarantee vouchers. It was mayhem!

So, to (hopefully!) make the process as smooth as possible for you, I’ve put together a quick guide on how to register 1-Hour Guarantee cards. It’s really a quick and simple process and as long as the Walmart website holds up this year, you should have very few problems.

You’ll first need to head to Walmart during Event 1 (6 PM) and snag a 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee voucher for one of the following products:

50″ Class LED HDTV; Brands vary by store, but I’m guessing Element or Emerson($218.00)
65″ Vizio Class Smart LED HDTV ($648.00)
iPad Mini 16GB with $30 gift card ($199.00)
Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle with $30 gift card ($329.00)
LG Blu-ray disc player ($35.00)
RCA 7″ 8GB tablet ($29.00)
Samsung Galaxy Ace on Straight Talk ($29.00)
Beats by Dr Dre wireless headphones ($149.00)
HP Intel Celeron touch laptop ($249.00)

How to Register Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee Cards

To register 1-Hour Guarantee cards from Walmart, you’ll need to check out at the store with the 1-Hour Guarantee vouchers that you received while standing in line. You’ll receive a receipt with a special code, which you’ll need when you register your 1-Hour Guarantee card. So, don’t lose your receipt!

You might want to install and set up the Walmart mobile app before you go shopping, so you can scan your receipt as soon as you check out. The app will save an electronic version of your receipt in case you lose the original.

Check your receipt for a special code or number that you need to register a 1-Hour Guarantee card. This will be a long number at the bottom of your receipt just above the barcode, like so…

Walmart 1 hour guarantee

Go to and enter the TC numbers into the box.

And that’s pretty much it! You’ll also need to enter your email and personal information in order to pick up your order. After you register 1-Hour Guarantee receipt number, your items should arrive in time for you to pick them up at your local store for Christmas!

After You Register 1-Hour Guarantee Cards

Once you register 1-Hour Guarantee cards, you’re pretty much good to go! However, here are a few tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly…

  • Hold onto your receipt! I can’t stress that enough. Make sure you put it in a safe place, because you may need it to pick up your 1-Hour Guarantee item.
  • Scan your receipt with the Walmart mobile app. As I mentioned before, you should scan your receipt as soon as you get it to ensure that you don’t lose it. And, even if you lose your phone, your receipt will still be saved to your Walmart Savings Catcher account.
  • Watch your email. Walmart will send you an email after you register 1-Hour Guarantee cards letting you know when your items are ready to be picked up.

Can’t Register a 1-Hour Guarantee Card?

Uh-oh! Can’t register a 1-Hour Guarantee card? There’s a good chance you aren’t the only one.

If you’re having problems registering your 1-Hour Guarantee item, make sure that you actually checked out with the 1-Hour Guarantee voucher at the register and paid for it. The TC number at the bottom of your receipt is what you’ll need to register your 1-Hour Guarantee item.

First, double check the receipt you’re trying to use to register 1-Hour Guarantee purchases. If the bottom of your receipt does not contain the phrase “KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR 1 HOUR GUARANTEE PICKUP,” it is not a receipt with a 1-Hour Guarantee item. If your receipt does contain this phrase, take a look to the right of the TC number. There might be a final digit on the far right that you may have missed.

So, if you still can’t register your 1-Hour Guarantee receipt, what’s the deal? The biggest cause of this is probably that the website is receiving too much traffic. Everyone wants to register their 1-Hour Guarantee items as soon as possible, so everyone flocks to the website, which simply can’t handle that much traffic. When this happens, you might get a waiting message or even an error message. Your best bet would be to wait a day or two to register 1-Hour Guarantee cards.

If you’re still having problems registering your 1-Hour Guarantee, Walmart customer service might be able to help. Call (877) 745-0190 for assistance.

Still can’t register Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items? It’s not a complete loss. While you wont get your item, you can still get a full refund as long as you still have your receipt. If you don’t register Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee cards before the deadline, they’ll just become regular Walmart gift cards, preloaded with the amount that you paid for your item.

You LOST Your 1-Hour Guarantee Receipt?!

Oh dear, you did what?! I warned you that this could happen!

It’s not a complete and total loss, though, especially if you scanned your paper receipt with the Walmart Savings Catcher app. You can simply show the electronic version of the receipt when you pick up your item.

Oh… You lost your 1-Hour Guarantee receipt…and you didn’t scan it at the first possible opportunity? If you were unable to register 1-Hour Guarantee items on your receipt before it was lost, you’ll need to call your store’s customer service department as soon as possible. You’ll need to return to the store with the the original form of payment and your government-issued photo ID. Lost or stolen Guarantee Cards cannot be refunded without the original receipt, but you should be issued a Walmart Gift Card with the remaining balance.

If you have any other questions of you experience a problem registering 1-Hour Guarantee items, leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to help! Keep in mind, though, that I am NOT a Walmart employee – just a blogger trying to help you get the best deals possible!

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