Reusable Static Car Shades – 2 Pack! Only $3.99! (Reg. $15)

These Reusable Static Car Shades- 2 Pack- are Only $3.99! (Reg. $15). These durable, pop open/ soft twist frames fold easily for storage and when you are ready for some shade, just pop them open and they are ready to stick to most vehicles. Uses Static electric and atmospheric pressure to absorb on the window, not relying on adhesive tape.

Features a 2- pack of extra large shades that keep your baby/child cool and their skin/eyes protected while maintaining driver visibility. Blocks over 97% of harmful UV rays, Blocks more than 1.5 times more UV Rays compared to Mesh Sun Sades.  Size: 15 x 17 inches that is designed to fit most vehicle windows

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