Reversible Tip Liquid Chalk Markers w/ 40 Chalkboard Labels – $12.79! Price Drop!

When I saw the price drop on these awesome chalk markers – I just had to update you about how much we love this set of markers! We have used quite a few different kinds of markers for writing on windows and mirrors… it’s just something we do! These are by far the best markers we’ve used! The colors a bright and really stand out plus the marker cleans up SO easily! With fall sports season just around the corner I am buying some more – decorating car windows before all the games is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Grab a set or two while the price is this low!

How much do you love chalkboard markers? At my house we LOVE them! The colors are vivid and bright – perfect for writing on mirrors and windows. My teenager keeps a set in the car and write notes on friends car windows. Want some? How about this deal from Amazon?

Get the Color Wand Reversible Tip Liquid Chalk Markers for just $12.79! Plus you’ll get 40 free chalkboard labels!

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