RIP Coffee Maker

Today was a very sad morning at Casa del Common Sense with Money. The coffee maker kicked the bucket. I mentioned before that we make coffee every single morning. Well, we were a very pathetic sight to behold as we tried to make our coffee without the coffee maker. Here’s a tip if you ever have to do this: make sure the water is boiling hot so it steeps properly and doesn’t take the 15 minutes it took for us.
Now we have to head to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new one. We are going to get the same model because that one lasted us almost seven years of everyday use. It is also top rated by Consumer Reports. Good thing there was a 20% off coupon in Food and Wine Magazine this month because I always throw away the homemailers the store sends every now and then. That’s a lesson for us too: in addition to an emergency fund, keep an emergency stash of coupons for those stores we don’t visit often but that sell things we may need in an emergency.
Long live Cuisinart coffee makers.