Rite Aid Diaper Deal Update


It seems there’s some confusion regarding the pack sizes included in this Huggies Diaper deal at Rite Aid.  If we go by the diaper counts only some of the Jumbo pack products are included, more specifically Sizes 1 and 2 ONLY.  But all mega pack sizes are included.

This is my advice to you:

Unless you are in desperate need of diapers, hold off on buying them until they go on sale.  There is really no need to “max out” on this deal at this moment. If you do need diapers, buy what you need to get you to July 12th.  As you can see in this preview from the sales ad for the week of July 12th, the megapacks will be on sale for $14.99.  So, the deal will be better on that week and you should be able to get more diapers for your money. If you already bought diapers at Rite Aid this week, hold on to your receipts and even consider returning them if you don’t need them and want to wait for the better deal.

For now get ready for this deal by printing out this coupon for $3 off Huggies Pull Ups IE Link or FF Link

I apologize for the inconvenience and if you are patient with me I will bring to you a clean and clear diaper deal on Huggies on the week of July 12th.