Rite Aid +UP Rewards Ending: What Now?

Rite Aid UP REwards Ending

A rumor about the Rite Aid +UP Rewards ending has been circulating the couponing community this week. Well, loyal Rite Aid shoppers may be disappointed to know that this may not just be a rumor!

Although Rite Aid officials seem to be remaining pretty tight lipped for the time being. They are not confirming or denying rumors about the Rite Aid +UP Rewards ending. The only information they offer is a cryptic message on the Rite Aid Facebook page:

To our valued customers:

Rest assured that Rite Aid will continue to provide great opportunities for you to save on the everyday products that you purchase. You can check back often on our Facebook page as we share those opportunities throughout the year and continually explore how to add value to our promotional offerings for our customers.

Needless to say this does nothing to placate the hoards of Rite Aid shoppers who look forward to the new deals every week with their favorite money saving program. What’s even more disheartening for many is the lack of Rite Aid +UP deals in the upcoming 3/29/15 ad scan. There is also no mention of any type of +UP replacement program either, at least not on the two pages of the ad scan.

So, does this really mean that the Rite Aid +UP Rewards are ending? Probably.

But, do you really think that Rite Aid would risk losing the majority of their loyal customers? Probably not.

If the Rite Aid +UP Rewards program is ending, I really do think hope that it will be replaced with something just as good. Nay—something better! Who knows? Maybe some shoppers who have given up on Rite Aid in the past, for whatever reasons, will be ready to dust off their old Wellness+ cards for some smokin’ deals!

I highly doubt that Rite Aid would do away completely with a program that brings loyal shoppers back week after week.

Good business sense should tell them that those customers will simply take their business elsewhere to get the deals. CVS or Walgreens perhaps…? Without a similar rewards program to replace the ending +UP program, I don’t believe that Rite Aid will be able to compete with their two biggest competitors, and could possibly be at risk of serious financial complications.

I’d love to hear your thought on the possibility of the Rite Aid +UP Rewards ending! Have you heard anything else? Do you think that the ending +UP Rewards program will be replaced with something better?

Or—the big question—will you still shop at Rite Aid…?