Rolling Your Huggies Register Rewards

Do you have a lot of Huggies Register rewards you got this week?  I have FIVE!  I wish last week I had been able to take advantage of the Dove Deal but my store didn’t have enough product in stock.  So this week I had to spend more than I wanted out of pocket to get the diapers I wanted.  I knew that I was going to be rolling some of them next week getting some Dove Products (they will be on sale 25% and the RR deal is still going on).  But I wish I had found another deal to roll this week and be able to lower my out of pocket.

Well, here are a couple of scenarios to help you lower your out of pocket:

1) You could still try doing the Dove RR deal (Buy 8 get $10) if your store has restocked.  from what I understand the deal is still working with the trial soap size ($1.09 each) and also with the regular size single bar soaps ($1.59).  You could do a mix of both to get your our of pocket as close to $10.  Pay with your Huggies Register Rewards and then use the Dove Register rewards to get more diapers.

2) You could also try doing the two foll0wing deals in the same transaction:

$9.57 when you buy three Acne Free Terminator 10 (Has RR deal Buy three get $8 back).  These are on clearance for $3.19 each.
$2.99 Buy one Dry Idea deodorant
$2.76 four cans of Butterball chicken both after in ad coupon
Use three $1 off any Acne Free product coupon from 3/8 inserts
Use one $2/1 Dry Idea internet printable coupon
Use $10 RR from Huggies deal
=$0.32 plus tax out of pocket  and you get $8 RR from the Acne Free and $2 RR back from the Dry Idea deodorant and you have bought some of the items to qualify for the Conagra Rebate.  Do this a couple of times and you would have bought enough to turn some of your RRs into cash through this rebate.

Then use the $8 RR from Acne Free and the $2 RR from the Dry Idea to get more diapers.  You will need to get two small filler items to use these two RRs in addition to the huggies coupons you may have.

Another tip: if your store is out of stock of the diaper size you need.  Get packs of the diapers they have in stock.  Then you can bring those back later when they re-stock to be exchanged for the size you need.  Don’t forget to keep your receipt.