Saturday 6/28: Free Lunch

Yesterday we had to wrap our visit to baton Rouge. We decided to have breakfast at the hotel, since breakfast is free for kids and we also have a $5 off coupon to use at the hotel restaurant. Total bill $14.68
Then we decided our visit wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take a drive down Highland Road. Drive down this road and you will discover the distinct architecture of Louisiana Homes. You will also drive by Mount Hope Plantation, antebellum home built around 1817.
We also had to go back and check if our favorite hot dog joint is still there, and it is:

Finding the best Chicago style hot dogs in Baton Rouge is something my husband a Chicago native can’t understand.
Lunch was a real treat: Crawfish boil.

We were very thankful my husband’s old boss graciously treated our family to this. Cost of lunch: $0
Soon afterwards we left for New Orleans. Dinner was pupusas at The Pupuseria Divino Corazon in the West Bank. This place has been written up twice on Food and Wine magazine and serves authentic Central American food. When we were students at LSU we would drive down to New Orleans just to eat here. This was back when the gallon of gas was around $1.35. We caught up with a friend from New Orleans. Cost of Dinner for four: $55. Good thing lunch was free.

Total cost so far: $220.88. I have also forgotten to add souvenirs we have bought: $25.
New Total cost: $245.88

Three days have gone by, four more to go. I am hoping we will be spending less the next few days. If anything because my husband starts attending his conference on Sunday and then his food expenses should be covered by his employer.