How to Save on Back to School

Kids will be back in school before we know it, you know what that means!! Yep, slowed down traffic since you have to follow those buses everywhere. I kid, but really.  Anyway, I know you are probably stressed out, but don’t worry, just because the kids are going to head back to school, doesn’t mean that you have to go broke. Yes, I know that back to school shopping often means that you are paying out some serious money, but it doesn’t have to. There are some tricks out there for us parents to follow in an effort to save money when shopping for back to school.

  • Go through your closets. Chances are, you have lots of clothes and school supplies already. I bet you don’t need half of the clothes that you think you do. Of course, you don’t want to send your kids to school in raggedy clothes, but you may only have to buy a couple of pieces to have a great back to school wardrobe.
  • Wait. It is smart to wait to get everything until a little further in the year. I always grab my kids some lightweight clothes that are being put on clearance from Summer, since in our area it stays shorts weather throughout September and part of October anyway. Then, by the time you need to buy pants, they are on Fall clearance.
  • Coupon. Clip those coupons folks!! Coupons are still a huge part of the savings game and this doesn’t go away during the back to school season! Clip coupons, use apps, price match, send in for rebates! All of these things will help you save money.
  • Buy in bulk. I hate when the kids run out of stuff a couple of months into the year anyway, so I have found that I love buying school supplies in bulk. I save money, they never run out of school supplies, plus we always have pencils, crayons, etc for the kids to play with at home.

These aren’t the only ways to save, but they are my favorites. What are yours?

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