How to Save Money On Baby Formula

baby_formulaBabies are beautiful, amazing, gifts to their parents, and when it comes to feeding a baby, formula is made just as good as breast milk, but the fact is that formula can cost a lot of money. There are ways for parents to still give their baby the best formula possible without it costing a fortune.

#1. Take the time to do some formula research.

There are dozens of different formulas out there on the market, but it is important for parents to take the time to sit down and decide which one they want to give to their precious little ones.  No two formulas are made the same, and some of them are quite famous for being the best to give a child because they are formulated to be as close to human breast milk as possible.  There are tons of parenting websites available, and each one has a section dedicated to formula in which each brand is compared to the others, and with this information, parents can make an informed decision about which formula will be the best one to give to their babies.

#2. Check out the store brand versions of brand name formula.

Now is the time to start comparing labels between a known formula and the store brand formula. If parents have never compared the labels, they will see that the two are identical. By buying the store brand, parents can give their child formula that is just as good as the name brand, but for a lot less money.

#3. Register with major brand name companies.

Every major baby formula manufacturer has their very own website that not only showcases each kind of formula they make, but gives parents advice on anything and everything about feeding their babies. By registering with these websites, parents can get a newsletter every month with valuable information, but also get samples, coupons, and other perks.

#4. Get samples from everyone.

If parents are interested in trying a different kind of formula, then they do have the ability to request a free sample. Manufacturers offer samples, but also parenting websites do have information on how parents can get samples of the different kinds of formula. Also, some stores do have samples available if people go on their website, register, and then they can get samples sent directly to their homes.

#5. Online coupons can save a lot of money.

The Sunday paper might not have baby formula coupons, but there are tons of coupon websites that can offer parents printable coupons. Some of the coupons can offer a dollar amount off of a can of formula or a percentage off of a can of formula, but either one can really help parents be able to buy the right formula for their babies to make sure they are only feeding them only the best possible formula. Parents can also check the baby formula manufacturers’ websites to see if they have any online specials in their stores or can offer coupons for formula as well.