How to Save Money When Buying Online

Going online is a great way to save a few pounds. Whether you’re buying from a supermarket and having them deliver to your door or using an online-only e-commerce site, there’s bargains to be struck to cut the cost of shopping.

Here are a few ways to save money when shopping and buying things online.

Shop When Others Are Not

For most retailers, midweek days like Tuesday and Wednesday tend to be the quietest days. They often have special discounts and deals for people who choose to go to buy online on these days. For one thing, they save money by having fewer people shopping at peak times which forces high-street shops to employ more warehouse staff to restock the shelves. These cost savings can be passed on to you, the end consumer.

Check the website of your favourite retailers to see whether there are discounts available for being a midweek online shopper. It’s still true that going to a matinee performance of the latest film can also save you money too. Booking tickets online is often available at a lower cost due to saving on staff time to complete the booking for you.

Cashback Anyone?

There are plenty of cashback deals available for people who are happy to buy what they want online through a third-party website or app. A site like Quidco offers 5 to 10% off purchases with cashback offers. Depending on your level of spending, the cost savings can add up fast.

These cashback sites make money from the referral of spending through their site. They are able to pass on some of their bounty to you by way of a cashback offer. Nice one.

Join the Newsletter for Special Offers

Some offers are only given out to eager email subscribers for online sites. To avoid too many people taking up the offer, the people who have joined their email list are given first dibs on some juicy discounts. Often, the discounts stay exclusive to newsletter subscribers and are a reward for staying subscribed.

Flash sales and last-minute discounts are also available. This is certainly true of the airlines when they realise that they have more seats to fill on upcoming flights and offer discounts to subscribers in the closing days and hours to fill up the plane.

Lowering the Cost of Prescription Medicine

With the cost of filling a doctor’s prescription having grown substantially over the last few years, it’s becoming apparent that this is having a deleterious effect on the health of the nation. People who need medicine are taking their own steps to avoid the financial cost by not completing the prescription purchase, intentionally going through the prescription slower using a lower dose than suggested to reduce the cost, and other methods that are unadvisable.

There are new ways to reduce the cost of filling a prescription. Similar to crowdfunding for companies, it’s now possible to use the power of bulk purchasing to buy discount prescription drugs online at a lower cost than before.

Getting your costs down is all about looking for the opportunity to do so and staying informed. When getting access to information about discounts, your costs drop substantially.