Save Money On Coffee Without Going Insane!

save money on coffeeCoffee is an essential morning routine in many households these days. It’s a nice, hot life-giving potion after a long sleepy night and can give you the perk you need to face an even longer day ahead.

We all know what happens when some people don’t get their coffee in the morning, myself included. Second only to oil, coffee is one of the most valuable and important traded commodities in the world. Giving it up in an effort to save money just isn’t an option for many people. (Ha! Like that’s gonna happen!)

A better option is to take steps to save money on coffee. Although it may be a little pricey, there are still a few ways you can save money on coffee without going insane.

Make Coffee at Home

I’m hoping that I don’t have to mention the Number One way to save money on coffee, but I will anyway. Stop. Going. To. Coffee. Shops. They’re expensive and you can make the same thing in your own home. You can also now buy the same coffee and coffee flavorings that the big coffee house chains use at most retail stores. If you have a penchant for a specialty coffee from a certain coffee house, just turn to trusty Google for a copycat recipe.

Brew and Use Less Coffee

Another great way to save money on coffee is simply to brew less. invest in a small coffee maker that just makes a couple cups of coffee at a time. By brewing just a small amount you won’t be dumping wasted coffee – and money – down the drain. Too much coffee isn’t exactly good for you anyway. You can also save money on coffee by using just a little less coffee grounds. Chances are you won’t notice a difference, especially if you flavor your coffee, and those extra savings will add up over time.

Buy On Sale, Use Coupons, and Stock Up

Even if you aren’t much of a couponer or deal chaser, it can really pay off when you want to save money on coffee. There are tons of coupons for popular coffee brands at any given time. Coffee also goes on sale, just like everything else. When you find a smokin’ deal on coffee, make sure you stock up! You might spend a little more out of pocket at first, but you’ll definitely save money on coffee in the long run!

Try New Things

Do you drink the same brand and type of coffee each and every morning? Why not switch it up? Some weeks, different brands and varieties of coffee will be less expensive than others. Give a store’s generic variety a try, or buy a brand of coffee that you normally wouldn’t when it’s cheaper than the other brands. It never hurts to try new things.

Don’t Toss Leftover Coffee

Do you still have leftover coffee in the pot at the end of the day? Don’t dump it! Freeze it! You can use frozen coffee cubes to make iced coffee on hot and muggy mornings in the summer. This way, you can save money on coffee by eliminating waste and still get a nice little coffee treat.

Reuse Coffee Grounds

Ewwww… I know! But I’m not talking about rebrewing the same worn out coffee grounds every time you make a pot of coffee. That’s just gross. But, you may want to try mixing half of your old coffee grounds with half fresh coffee grounds when you brew your coffee. If you’re not a coffee connoisseur, there’s a chance you won’t even notice a difference. And you’ll be using a lot less coffee, so you can save a little money. If rebrewing even a small amount of used coffee grounds really eeks you out, there are lots of other uses for old coffee grounds.

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