How to Save money for a Summertime Vacation


Are you hoping to take a trip this summer? Is your budget not looking like its going to work for a fun trip? Well, fret no more! You still have time! Just follow these tips and you can learn how to save money for a summertime vacation!


  • Get a second job. Check the classifieds, talk to friends, see what’s out there. The are often lots of temporary jobs out there. Of course,  don’t work yourself to death, but if you feel like you could do a little more, do it! You’ll have enough for vaca in no time!
  • Skip the restaurant.  The average family spends over $3000 each year on dining out. That’s almost $300 per month. Let’s say you want to take a trip in July. That leaves April, May and June to save and that equals $900 that you can use for vaca!
  • Start your side hustle. Are you crafty? Do you have a marketable skill? Start your own business or side hustle to start putting money away! You might just be surprised how much you will earn.
  • Sell your stuff. Start selling your clothes you no longer wear. You can sell via Poshmark, Mercari, or even the FB Marketplace.  I know people who makes hundreds of dollars per month doing this!


Don’t be afraid to schedule a vacation that’s no super fancy or expensive either. Keep it close so you don’t need to pay for airfare. Maybe plan a camping trip? I’ll let you in on a little secret…i was raised by a single mother that was very very most favorite memories are of camping trips that I know my mom hardly paid anything for. Just because a vacation is budget friendly  doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing. Just thinking outside the box a little bit can help you save more money and have a great vacation!