How to Save Money on All Things Easter

Easter is next week. Are you ready? There are some great way to save money on all of your Easter purchases from your Easter dinner to Easter baskets, to clothes and shoes. If you haven’t finished your shopping there are still some great ways to save money. Hope these help you get ready!

Food & Candy
Check your local ads for prices on Eggs and Ham. Those are the big purchases for Easter. Be sure to check out the different stores in your area. You can do a quick search online and compare prices that way as well. If you’re in Utah, be sure to check Smith’s and their prices. They are hard to beat!
Target has some great Cartwheel coupons that you can use this weekend. There are a TON of Cartwheel coupons on candy like 25% off Dove Easter Chocolates, or 10% off Cadbury & Reese’s Eggs. You can also save 5% on Simply Balanced Organic Eggs.
Amazon has some great prices on candy as well. Plus, if you have prime you can get these shipped right to your door which is super nice.

Clothing, Shoes & Swim Suits
Easter is the time to get new Easter outfits and dresses. It’s also a time to get those swim suits for spring break. Be sure to check out Gymboree, The Children’s Place, Target. You shouldn’t be paying for than $12 on a swim suit.  These places will also give FREE shipping. Never pay for shipping. That’s one way to save a lot of money.

Easter Decorations
Michael’s is having their lowest price of the season sale. That means you can take 50% off Easter decoration. Also, you can check out Shopko where they are taking up to 70% off.

Toys, Movies and Games
Target- Get a $5.00 Target Gift Card when you spend $25 or more on Easter baskets, eggs, decor, decorating kits and more. Also check out their BOGO 50% off Toys and Board Games.
Amazon- You always can do a search on Amazon and score some great prices on toys, movies and games.

**Be sure to check this Easter Category often and save on all things Easter!