Save Money Using E-Coupons

E-coupons are one of the newest ways of saving money, no need to cut a coupon in order to enjoy the savings.  But what are e-coupons, how do they work, and where can you use them?  Those are questions that we are going to answer here.

E-coupons are online coupons that you add to your grocery store’s savings card.  The coupons offer a discount, automatically, at checkout when you buy the eligible items and use your shopper’s card.  There is no need to cut any paper or hand a printed coupon to your cashier.  The savings will automatically be reflected on your purchase receipt.

You can start saving money with e-coupons now, just follow these steps:
If you have not already, you will need to get a loyalty card for the grocery stores you shop.  You should always have this card on hand when you shop and have the cashier scan the card prior to ringing your order as they provide additional discounted prices and promotions.

There are several sites that currently offer e-coupons including:
Target Mobile (you need a Smartphone)

Visit each site to find the stores near you that participate in their e-coupon program.  Login into each site and set up an account.  This membership is FREE and all you need is your grocery store loyalty card.  Cellfire and Target Mobile Coupons will ask for your cell phone number to identify you.  But you can opt out of receiving any text messages or incurring any charges.

Browse the e-coupon offers available for your area and add them to your card.  Then next time you shop at your grocery store, you should see the coupon applied to your receipt.  If for any reason you do not see the coupon discount applied to your order, make sure to contact customer service at the e-coupon company and ask them to look into it.  I advice that at least once a month you log in to your account to checkout any new coupon offers and upload those offers to your card.

Using coupons to save money is a growing consumer trend.  We are continually seeing an increase in the number of companies and stores adding ecoupons to their sites, and as a result, more coupons will be offered, and greater savings will be available.