The Savvy Source for Parents

I think worrying about the developmental progress of our children is a common parental concern. It starts right after the baby’s birth: is he lifting his head, rolling, crawling, talking when he should. The concern doesn’t go away as our children get older, if anything it gets more complicated.

I first read about The Savvy Source for Parents at Marcy’s blog “Stretching a Buck.” I did go ahead and took the quiz. The quiz is for children ages 2-6 years old and based on your responses to the questions, the results include suggestiong to developmentally appropriate books, toys and activities for your children.

But if you look around the website you will also find that it is a great resource for activities for your kids. They are categorized by theme and by age appropriateness. If you are at that stage too it can help you locate preschools in your area.

So, give the quiz a try if you will (link on my rightside bar). It is free and there’s no obligation to purchase the suggested resources. Don’t forget to look around the website and take a look at all of the resources available.