ScentSationals Delectable Treat Wax Melt 5-Packs $5.08

Okay, so after buying the $10 ScentSationals wax warmer, I couldn’t just leave it at that. Oh, no! I had to go in search of some yummy new wax melts, and I found a couple decent deals. I purchased the ScentSationals spring wax melts 5-pack for $5.56 (which now seems to be out of stock) and the ScentSationals delectable treats wax melt duos 5-pack for $5.08. That’s around $1 per pack, which is a pretty decent price for these!

The delectable treats duos 5-pack contains two different fragrances in each pack, and you get two different packs. So, that’s like getting four fragrances, or you can mix them up for more complex aromas! Each Orange Bourbon Cupcake pack includes 5 Honey Bourbon Frosting wax cubes and 5 Molten Orange wax cubes, and each Cookie Fix pack includes 5 buttery shortbread wax melts and 5 sugared pecans wax melts.