Scope Deal: Free to $2.97! (Walmart)

Scope classic

The 1 L bottles of Scope mouthwash are priced at $3.97 at Walmart right now, and there’s a $1/1 Scope Classic Rinse 1L or larger coupon and a Scope Mail-in Rebate (Up to $4.49) available right now.

The mail-in rebate states “This offer cannot be combined with other offers, including coupons” so you may not get the rebate if you use a coupon. I’m pretty sure you also have to buy the Original Mint flavor (the green one) to qualify for the rebate. Just a heads up.

If you’ve already used the rebate or you just don’t want to hassle with it, you can still score some cheap Scope…

Buy (1) Scope Classic rinse, 1L @$3.97

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