Searchable Coupon Matchups: Find the Best Grocery Coupons and Deals Quickly!

If you’ve been a follower of this site for a while now, you probably already know that we’re pretty big fans of coupons around here! Every morning we post any new printable coupons available for that day, and we try to highlight some of the best coupon deals available with current grocery coupons. You can also search for additional grocery coupons in our coupon database. We also recently started publishing new and improved coupon matchups for many of the more popular stores, like Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and more. We do this with a little help from Favado, a mobile app with tons of weekly coupon matchups and grocery coupons!

Yeah…we get pretty excited about coupons around here!

Browsing through your favorite stores’ coupon matchups can come in pretty handy for making your weekly shopping lists, but it can still be a bit of a hassle. If you go to several stores each week or have a couple of really awesome grocery coupons that you don’t want to let get away, browsing through long coupon matchups for each of the stores near you can be a downright pain in the butt!

That’s where searchable coupon matchups come in pretty handy…

Searching all of the coupon matchups is super easy too! Just head over to our coupon matchup search pagetype in what you’re looking for, and click search. Like so:

searchable coupon matchups for grocery coupons

And, that’s it! After you click “Search”, you’ll be shown a list of the coupon matchups from several different stores in our coupon matchup database.

searchable coupon matchups results


The coupon matchup results are organized by store. Each coupon matchup result will include the price of the item (if known), the size of the item, any promotions, available grocery coupons, your out-of-pocket price, and your final price. The matchups also include a quick breakdown of what grocery coupons and extra savings you should use for the best deal. You can click on the checkbox to add items to your printable shopping list too.

You can search coupon matchups for certain items or for a specific brand. For instance, if you need cereal, search for “cereal”. If you have some great coupons for Cheerios that you want to use, however, search for “Cheerios”. For your convenience, we also included a list of quick links on the coupon matchup search page for popular products and brands.

searchable coupon matchups quick links grocery coupons

The quick links come in super handy if you’re in a rush!

You can also find a coupon matchups search bar on any of the coupon deal posts and new daily coupon lists. If you want to access the search bar quickly, you can also drag THIS LINK to your bookmark bar to add it. Then, just click on the bookmark whenever you need to search coupon matchups!