Set of *50* Hot Wheels Cars Just $39.21!! 2016-08-25 20-43-26

Head over to Wal-Mart and pick up a set of 50 Hot Wheels cars for only $39.21! These normally sell for around $1.00 each or more, either singly or in packs, but this deal makes them just 78¢ each! I know that some of you MIGHT see 50 Hot Wheels cars as a bit excessive, but those of you with toy car obsessed little ones understand. The struggle is real….

So, what can you do with a 50-pack of Hot Wheels cars? LOTS!

  • Give a MEGA pack of Hot Wheels cars as a gift!
  • Give them out as non-candy alternatives on Halloween.
  • Start a kid’s Hot Wheels collection.
  • Build ramps and race them against each other.
  • Leave some at the grandparents house.
  • Use them as stocking stuffers.
  • Use them as small rewards for good behavior, getting chores done, and more.
  • Stash them in the gift closet for birthday parties.
  • Add them to birthday party goodie bags.

I’d LOVE to hear your ideas! Comment with how you’ll be using a 50-pack of Hot Wheels cars!