Shopping CVS is a Crap Shoot

This entry coming to you from Chicago.

I decided to take advantage of our trip to Chicago this weekend to roll some of those extra care bucks before they expire. I had also thought that I would start a new card for my inlaws. But all that went out the window. I had an attack of a common malaise among CVS shoppers: out of stock items-itis.

I came down here with all of my scenarios carefully planned (no plan B here, serious newbie flaw). I even had all my coupons ready depending on the transaction. Well I hit the first store: out of Colgate toothbrushes. Since my scenarios all had that in them I decided to hit the next store, the one that was so nicely stocked last time. Out of luck again, no Colgate Toothbrushes. But they had the CVS toothbrushes, so I thought, well maybe the scanner will give me some of those $3/10 CVS products coupons I kept getting last time. HA! $3 off Excedrin, as if I NEED Excedrin!! I am swimming in a sea of Excedrin!! I don’t know how the makers of Excedrin make any money, they keep giving away the stuff.

Good thing I had taken the advice to take a calculator with me. I had to redo everything and in the rush of doing so I forgot to give my husband the 10 ECBs he needed to pay for his stuff. So he actually paid $12 OOP!! But we went back to the cashier and asked him to redo the transaction so he could use the ECBs and instead they gave us $10 in cash. So, I didn’t start a new card for my inlaws, but since we have two cards we will just shop for them. If we find the items anyway.

So, we got three jumbo packs of Pampers, one 8-roll pack of Bounty paper towels, 4 Adidas deodorants, two CVS toothbrushes and one toothpaste for $3.50 out of pocket. It would have been $13.50 but we got the $10 back. My husband started with 10 ecbs and ended up with 9.98 after his transaction. I started with 15.96 and ended up with 14.97. I lost one ecb. Not too shabby for put together in the fly scenarios, don’t you think?