Shutterfly: 12 Free Photocards of Your Choice

Hot deal from Shutterfly!  You can 12 free photo cards from Shutterfly by following these steps:

  • Login or sign up to your Shutterfly account
  • At the top of the page, click on My Account.
  • Scroll down to “Special Offers” and click on “Enter Special Offer Code”
  • Enter the code PICKONE and you will see the special offer added to your account.  You must use this code before 8/22/10.

This code will give you the chance to create 12 free photo cards and you can choose from the following:

12 free 3×5 stationery cards or
12 free 5×5 stationery cards or
12 free 4×5 stationery cards or
12 free 5×7 stationery cards or
12 free 5×7 greeting cards

Shutterfly codes can be tricky and sometimes they work on some accounts but not on others.  I hope this code works on your account.  Check it out!

Thanks Dallas Mommy!

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