Six Things Keeping you from Cheaper Diapers

Note: This is a guest post I wrote for Erin from Coupon Cravings. It ran yesterday on her blog. Erin’s blog is a great source for all things CVS and just general money saving tips. She’s also one of Walmart’s 11 moms so make sure to check out her money saving vlogs.

Ever since I wrote about my diaper stash a few months back readers have been asking me for tips on how to save money on diapers. I narrowed down the list of things that keep people from saving money on diapers to these six culprits:

1. Not Knowing the Per Diaper Price: When you start bargain shopping for diapers it is very important that you calculate the price per diaper to make comparisons. Manufacturers vary the number of diapers based on pack size and on whether it