Smoking Hot: $4 Pace Coupon


Update: Hi Guys, I have decided to remove the link to this coupon.  There were some questions raised as to how the link was obtained.  I don’t want to compromise the integrity of this blog.  However I do want to clarify that the coupons printed (if you were able) are legitimate.  You should have no problem using them at any store.

Smartsource is offering a coupon for $4 off any Pace product.  I can’t imagine Pace salsa being more than $4, so possibly free after coupon.  You do need to be patient as the site takes a while to load and to send to printer.  To print more copies just hit the back button and you should be able to print more.  I printed FOUR copies and stopped there but have read of people printing up to 10 copies.  Thanks Freebie Blogger for the heads up on this awesome deal!