Snapfish: Free Notebook, Photo Mug or Photo Stickers

Register to Snapfish and Receive a $10 Credit to your Account. What can you get with this $10 credit? The following items sell for $9.99 or less: Note Books, 11oz White Mug, 20 ct sheet of sticker sells for $4.99 and a recordable photo card sells for $5.99.   Shipping is not free but the gift would be. This credit expires FIVE days after you get it, so make sure to use it before then. This is what you need to do to get your freebie:

To view this credit just check under your account and you should see the 1 $10 discount on first purchase there. You will also get free 50 prints for signing up as well. There’s also a another offer available from Snapfish. Get 100 free prints with any purchase, just use the code PRINTSNEW at checkout. When they say “any purchase” they mean it, you could buy one 9 cent print and use the code to get 100 more free. This code expires tomorrow 1/26 though.

Thanks for the mommas!

Happy Savings!