SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit Including 12 Flavors and CO2 Cartridge—$49.99!

Here’s a nice price on a SodaStream, if you don’t have one yet! Staples is offering the SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit Including 12 Flavors and CO2 Cartridge for only $49.99 today!

  • Enjoy freshly made, great tasting sparkling water/seltzer in less than 30 seconds with no mess
  • Save money on soda while protecting the environment by reducing plastic bottle waste
  • Carbonating bottles are specially designed, high pressure-resistant bottles and BPA-free
  • Fizz-preserving cap helps to keep drinks fresh and fizzy longer than store-bought bottles
  • Customizable carbonation level offers personalization.
  • Automatic gas release mechanism gets rid of excess gas.
  • Easy-to-clean drip tray adds convenience.
  • Slim design fits perfectly on most countertops.
  • No batteries, electricity or plumbing needed; it runs off of the co2 carbonator
  • Includes BPA free soda bottle, 12 flavors and CO2

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