Soft and Comfy Shawl Scarves for UNDER $4 SHIPPED!! One of My FAVES!


These shawl scarves are absolutely fantastic!! I’ve ordered several in the past, and just ordered a few more a few weeks ago. I am again so very satisfied with my purchase! These are also considered to be “factory seconds” which means some may have minor flaws, but after looking over the scarves, I couldn’t spot any noticeable flaws at all!

My absolute favorite one is the turquoise! It’s simply beautiful! I bought for my mama last year for Christmas, and I loved it so much that I bought one for myself finally. I also ordered a black one, which is not surprisingly black, and a deep red one, which is actually a little lighter than I thought it would be. It’s still a very pretty color, though. The best part, though, is that all THREE scarves together only cost me $10 and some change. Awesome deal, and totally worth it!

These shawl scarves are so soft and so comfy in the fall and winter. They’re also relatively big, especially considering the price. The turquoise shawl scarf is priced at only $2.99 right now, and most of the rest of the colors are under $4.00. And, shipping is free, so you really can’t beat that! There are also a TON of colors to choose from too, from basic neutrals to brighter colors like hot pink. I think I’m going to spring for a purple one next time.

If you’re a scarf nut, I HIGHLY recommend these. At least try one of two of the colors—you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

NOTE: These are described as “Pashmina”, but they are, in fact, made from 100% viscose, a synthetic material. That’s the only complaint I really have about these—the product description being misleading. They’re still super soft, though, and wash well.

Keep in mind, Amazon pricing can change at any time! Don’t wait to purchase this deal or it might be gone when you come back!